Brand & Co have been collaboratively working with the owners GM Portland Developments, urban planners Roberts Day and Catalyst project consulting to develop a new brand and vision for The Foundations, an exciting regional destination offering a range of art, cultural, community and recreational experiences to attract tourism, business and residents.

The Foundations is located in Portland, a historic town in the heart of the NSW Central Tablelands about 2.5 hours from Sydney. The site of Australia’s first cement works it supplied cement to some of Sydney’s most iconic buildings and became known as “The town that built Sydney”

Our brand strategy focused on capturing the uniqueness of the site, the rare combination of rich industrial heritage and picturesque natural beauty. We developed a narrative that reflected the personality and symbiotic relationship of this single industry town.  It binds together community, history and landscape and presents a compelling story that is engaging and inspiring.

The history and stories of the cement works are captivating and at the heart of The Foundations brand. The brand identity draws upon the strength and resilience of the iconic heritage buildings whilst capturing the character of the people – honest, genuine, down to earth with a pioneering spirit and humble pride – the iconic Australian. The result – a successful destination brand with an authentic story.

he Foundations is a brand that honour’s its past but welcomes the future celebrating its heritage whilst providing a platform for an exciting destination set to become the cultural capital of the central tablelands.

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