Irongate: A Rebrand Odyssey

Irongate Group has its origins as the Investec Group’s Australian and New Zealand property investment and asset management business. Having invested in and managed over A$3bn of assets for the Investec Group, the long-standing management team evolved to become the Irongate Group to continue its growth trajectory and expand its third-party funds management platform.

The executive management team commissioned Brand & Co to execute a full-scale rebranding endeavor. This marked the beginning of an exciting journey to rejuvenate and redefine their brand.

Irongate’s strengths lie in their people, their history and their track record. They have operated through cycles and across asset classes. They have managed funds listed on both the Australian Stock Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. They are trusted partners of global pension funds, leading developers and institutional family offices.


The Rebrand Challenge:

The brand needed to provide financial stability, growth, and trust to its clients, who were primarily investors, institutions, and individuals seeking asset management services. It had to appeal to those looking for a dependable partner in financial matters and those who valued professionalism, security, and strong, ethical financial practices.


The Rebrand Solution:

The ‘Irongate’ brand name depicts connotations of strength, reliability, security, professionalism, distinctiveness, and visual appeal. A strong foundation for building a reputable and trustworthy brand in the financial and asset management industry.

Brand & Co collaborated with the management team on a wide range of tasks. We began with brand discovery workshops and then worked on developing the brand strategy, naming the brand, establishing its identity, and creating comprehensive style guides. Our work also involved crafting overarching concepts that spanned across all aspects of corporate marketing.

As the Irongate Group took form, we extended our efforts to encompass various digital platforms, a brand-new website, creating distinctive office signage, and refining corporate assets. Additionally, we launched a premium direct mail campaign specifically designed to engage both clients and investors.


The Rebrand Transformation:

Brand & Co crafted a brand strategy that meticulously outlined Irongate’s brand essence. This comprehensive process enabled us to gain clarity on the creative direction, ultimately leading to the development of the brand’s identity, language, and messaging. Through a collaborative approach, we successfully integrated the core brand essence across all brand touch points.


The Rebrand Results:

The successful execution of this rebrand has significantly benefitted Irongate and has led to:

Brand Identity and Visual Elements:

The rebrand began with a meticulous evaluation,
carefully considering the design elements such as logo, colour palette, typography, photography & image treatments, and an entire new tone of voice for the brand. The result was a refreshed visual identity that conveys modernity, trust, and a commitment to innovation. The new brand identity captures Irongate’s evolution while preserving its heritage.

Brand Messaging and Storytelling:

Crafting a compelling narrative was a critical aspect of the rebranding process. Irongate’s brand story was redefined to highlight its expertise, commitment to clients, and its unique approach to asset management. The narrative showcases the company’s rich history and its vision for the future, emphasising its dedication to client success.

Market Perception and Trust:

Irongate’s rebranding efforts were centered around enhancing market perception and trust. The new brand identity communicates a sense of reliability and professionalism, addressing the specific needs of investors who seek stability and growth opportunities.

Competitive Advantage:

To differentiate Irongate in a highly competitive industry, the rebrand positioned the company as a forward-thinking and innovative firm. This competitive edge has proven invaluable in attracting new clients and investors.

Client-Centric Approach:

The rebrand highlights Irongate’s commitment to its clients. It communicates that the company is adaptable and responsive to market changes, making it an ideal choice for those seeking dynamic and reliable asset management solutions.

Employee Engagement:

The agency’s rebranding strategy also took into account employee morale. The rejuvenated brand image has created a renewed sense of purpose among employees, fostering a more motivated and cohesive team that is aligned with the company’s vision.

Stakeholder Confidence:

The rebrand was executed with transparency and authenticity, instilling confidence in stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, and regulators. The rebranding process was communicated clearly to all stakeholders, enhancing their trust in the company’s direction.

Digital Presence:

As part of the rebrand, Irongate’s digital presence was modernised. The company’s website, social media profiles, and online marketing efforts were updated to create a more user-friendly and engaging online experience, facilitating easier client interaction.



Irongate’s rebranding journey demonstrates the power of strategic rebranding when executed with precision and a deep understanding of the company’s values and its market. The results are a stronger, more appealing brand that is well-positioned for continued success.

They trusted Brand & Co to rebrand them to reflect the strengths of their team. For that, we extend our gratitude. We wish the team at the Irongate Group every success in the future as they continue their growth trajectory and expand their third-party funds management platform.


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